Our Courtship Story

It all started with an innocent walk around Louisville, Kentucky on a cold January afternoon in 2003. Aaron and Lindsay were both attending a New Attitude conference with other youth and parents from their church. Aaron first began to notice Lindsay while she was taking pictures around town. Not really sure what had just happened, he began to pray about it and plan out his strategy. ;) Lindsay had no idea of Aaron’s interest for quite some time, but the interest started to grow as they individually began preparing to participate in a short term mission to the Dominican Republic that August.

Lindsay: Before the trip we were serving as a stateside support team for our missionary friends in the DR and I began to admire Aaron’s diligent and responsible nature. In the DR I enjoyed observing him interact with the children, and how he loved to worship and serve others. My admiration started to grow, although I was completely clueless of his interest in me, for a short time, that is.

Aaron did not begin to express his interest, desiring to wait for the opportune moment. New Attitude 2004 came along and Lindsay began noticing along with several others who had already noticed Aaron’s subtle attention. The topic of the conference just happened to be on marriage!

Lindsay: After the conference Aaron and I began conversing more on the phone and at gatherings of friends. Aaron was a huge support to me during this time.

After much prayer and counsel from others, Aaron decided to take the plunge and approach Lindsay’s father, Mr. Taylor, and ask about beginning a relationship with Lindsay. This took place on a sunny Saturday morning in June.

Lindsay: I was preparing to take a two month mission trip to Cambodia that summer, and really wanted this time to be focused on my relationship with the Lord. I had just graduated from high school and wanted to seek out God’s will for my life. It was a difficult decision to make but my dad I decided that we should hold off on our relationship for that period of time.

Aaron: I almost went insane! But while she was gone, I wrote her letters that I gave to her later. She really liked that. ;D

After Lindsay’s return in September, Aaron and his family joined the Taylor’s during their vacation to the beach. It was a frigid evening when the father’s gave the hint for Aaron to take Lindsay out on a walk on the beach. “Was this the time?” Aaron wondered. He began to slowly but surely express his sincere interest in pursuing a relationship with her. What a beautiful day! September 19, 2004 began our 15 1/2 month courtship.

Aaron began to invade the Taylor’s home once a week for dinner and an evening with the family while getting to know Lindsay more. This whole process was very new to them so it took time to get comfortable around each other.

Lindsay: God laid it on both our hearts to purpose to keep our relationship centered on the Lord. We wanted to be used by God to encourage and challenge each other in our walks with the Lord. I am so thankful for the ways Aaron lead me in studying the Bible together along with other books, memorizing Scripture, and serving on the worship team together. Our relationship was not free from bumps along the way, but the Lord was always there to give me peace that this was of the Lord. Over the next several months our relationship grew steadily. Aaron was always very thoughtful and celebrated every one of our monthaversaries (the 19th date of every month from the beginning of our courtship ;) !

May 2005 takes Lindsay back to Cambodia with a short term team. July 2005 takes the Taylor family on a road trip to Utah. A whole month apart! But thankfully Aaron was able to fly out and join them for a few days, and they were able to explore the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park together.

September 19th marks one year! In celebration of the event, you might think we’re crazy, but we went out on our very first date to a fine Italian restaurant.

Soon after the first date, Aaron knew that Lindsay was the one. He began planning away for how he would “pop the question” (after getting the OK from Lindsay’s dad). It all was put into action on a cold December evening.

Aaron: The plan was to go on a double date with Lindsay’s brother, Steve, and his wife, Larissa. They knew what was going on. Steve ended up coming home from work really late (conveniently) and Larissa still needed to get their son ready (also very convenient). So Lindsay and I took off for the restaurant (just as planned).

It was a Friday night so I thought this restaurant right on the Columbian waterfront would be crowded, so when we got there I went in to see how long the wait was. There was no wait at all(!) which would have been great if we were really going to eat there but not so good for what I had planned. I went back to the car where Lindsay was and told her that we had some time to kill and I just happened to have brought an umbrella, so we went for a little stroll down the Columbian waterfront. We didn’t go far before I asked her if she wanted to take a seat on one of the benches there. I read her a note that I had prepared and at the very end I told her “I love you” for the first time. It was amazing! Then I got down on my knee and pulled out the ring…

We went out to dinner to a nice restaurant and went back to her house where both of our families were waiting.

Lindsay: I thought for sure he would never be able to surprise me! By the way, I did say ‘Yes!’

And so we were happily married on May 21, 2006. And our story continues on, following in the path that God us called us to.