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Shepherd’s Pie (revised & updated)

I have made some additions to this recipe to add some further wonderful flavors! This is one of my favorite nutritious winter meals for any size family. A great way to stretch your meat for a frugal well balanced meal. You can even throw in some rice or quinoa as desired. It freezes remarkably well! […]

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Variety in Your Grains

There is such a variety of grains out there ready for our use…why limit ourselves to whole wheat? My recommendation for beginning on the pathway to more nutritious eating is to try and eliminate white flour and replace with whole wheat (read more here). This is a huge step in the right direction! As you […]

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Menu Plan – September 15-21

Today was the big produce stockpiling day! I was blessed to receive 30 pounds of pears today from a dear friend, in addition to purchasing about 75 pounds of tomatoes for a day of canning diced tomatoes with my cousin, Amy. We are canning tomatoes tomorrow for the very first time. We bought the tomatoes […]

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Ministry from the Home – Freezer Meals

This past Friday, I invited a few single friends of mine over to make some freezer meals! These were special freezer meals…for they were to be given to a needy family in our church. The mother is bedridden with high blood pressure nearing the end of her pregnancy, while having five children currently to care […]

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Recipe Index

Here is a list of my collection of recipes. I try to use all whole wheat flour or other whole grains and healthy sweeteners in my cooking as much as possible, to provide nutritious but yummy food in our home. Most of my bread/pastry recipes include soaking the grains to break down the phytates. Read […]

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Monthly Menu & Recipes: Week 1

We are jumping in again at the beginning of our monthly menu plan this week, so I thought I would share our plan over the next four weeks (on Mondays) along with the recipes. Here are the recipes from week 1 of my monthly menu plan. WEEK 1 DINNERS Monday – Vietnam Fried Rice (with […]

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Winter Monthly Menu Plan

Here is my winter monthly menu plan! It works great to post it on the fridge, so it is easily viewable. It helps me to look it over each morning so I can get a head start on dinner preparations. I don’t always stick strictly to it, as flexibility is always needed as plans change, […]

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Tuesday Menu Plan & Recipes

Well, I thought I would share my menu for the week today and offer up a few recipes from it for your enjoyment. Maybe next week I’ll actually post it on Monday for Menu Planning Monday. I actually plan my menu and go grocery shopping every two weeks, which has saved me a lot of […]

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