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Using Soap Nuts for Household Cleaning

Soap nuts are an effective cleaning agent that grows on trees! If you haven’t heard about soap nuts, learn more here. They are as natural as you can get! They are safe for your family and the environment. No chemicals. No waste. Not only have I found them very useful for cleaning my laundry, but […]

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Natural Stain Remover & Cleaning Agent: Hydrogen Peroxide!

While attempting to avoid chlorine products in our home and the health risks, I have come across a valuable alternative! Hydrogen Peroxide! It is not only good for cleaning out cuts and wounds, but is also an excellent natural alternative to bleach and other stain remover products at half the price. Hydrogen peroxide is also […]

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My Favorite Things: Natural Recommendations for Your Home

I frequently get asked, “what’s your favorite natural detergent? what’s your recommendations for cloth diapers? What homemade products do you still make and use?” Since I have been experimenting and reviewing various natural products for the last several years since I began my own journey to sustainable living, I have certainly bought, sampled, liked and […]

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Enviro Cloth: A Simple, Frugal & Natural Cleaning Tool

If you have been around here for long, you know that I love simplicity, multi-purposing, and natural living all-in-one. I love finding items that will help simplify my homemaking to help preserve time and energy, but also good for our health and the environment as much as possible, on top of accomplishing these things without […]

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Free to Be Green: 10 Steps Towards Green Living

Photo by Denis Collette This talk was prepared for a live presentation I made on Wednesday, October 21, for a local mom’s group. I post it here for reference for these ladies in addition to inspiring others to join us in pursuing a good stewardship lifestyle. Aaron and I and our two little ones took […]

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Natural Housecleaning Carnival

Welcome to our Natural Housecleaning Carnival! Do you desire to remove toxic chemical cleaning supplies from your home and need some help getting started? I am so glad you joined us today. Did you know that homemade natural alternatives are not only safer for your family and the environment but they are also far more […]

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Natural Housecleaning Book Recommendations

For those of you who are new to natural housecleaning and looking for some more information and recipes or you have been at it awhile and need some further knowledge, I wanted to highly recommend you check out the following resources. These may very well be available at your local library, but they are very […]

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Soap Nuts Liquid Detergent – Extreme 18X Giveaway!

I am a huge fan of the simplicity and safety without excess waste of using soap nuts for all my laundry needs (including those cloth diapers)! Soap nuts grow on trees! We have discussed all the wonderful benefits of using soap nuts here and from our previous giveaway here, and now we want to introduce […]

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Homemade Laundry Detergent, Charlies & Soap Nuts

I have been exploring the world of various natural laundry detergents in my home after choosing to avoid borax in my cleaning, which is a common ingredient in homemade varieties. Most commercial detergents are filled with harsh chemicals and the natural alternatives often contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and other ingredients that are now being debated […]

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For the Love of Books: March Reviews

A Quest for More: Living for something bigger than you by Paul David Tripp is one book I will be referring to again and again! This book thoroughly delves into the topic of the kingdom of self vs. the kingdom of God, and searches the heart and motives that cause us to so easily lean […]

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