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Raw Naturally Sweetened Berry Freezer Jam

The summer season is here and the produce is beginning to come off the vines. I am not a big canning person as it requires so much time and energy (which is challenging to do with two little ones running around), but I have chosen my priorities to focus on in the past two years. […]

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No-Cook Freezer Jam: Naturally Sweetened

I love preserving my own foods for the upcoming year and jam is a favorite! It is practically impossible to find good jam/jellies on the market that are made without sugar or HFCS, so homemade varieties are the best alternative. Plus, it is superior in flavor and nutrition. In the past I have made canned […]

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June at Our Home

Wow! Another amazing month has gone by filled with crazy adventures around the world. We spent a week in the Philippines with Compassion and our lives were changed by the amazing faithful work this organization is doing. We came home and had a very challenging week of adjusting back into life here. My pregnant body […]

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Heathly Packed Lunches for Work or School

Katie asked:  I remember you mentioning a while back that you would be packing your husband’s lunch for work as he is no longer working from home. Have you found and nourishing, frugal lunchtime menus that pack well and that your husband enjoys? If so, I would love to see a post on that subject […]

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Lovely Linkage – Happy 4th of July!

Have a happy 4th of July! Here are few highlights I wanted to share with you all. Food Preservation Classes – Vancouver, WA I wanted to let all my local readers know that my aunt, Molly, is teaching another set of food preservation classes this month (July 16 & 23 and then again on August […]

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Recipe Index

Here is a list of my collection of recipes. I try to use all whole wheat flour or other whole grains and healthy sweeteners in my cooking as much as possible, to provide nutritious but yummy food in our home. Most of my bread/pastry recipes include soaking the grains to break down the phytates. Read […]

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Simplifying by Buying Groceries Online

Did you know that it is possible to do the majority of your grocery shopping online these days? This has certainly be a huge blessing lately while trying to juggle three kiddos and the various responsibilities I have within our home. I have been investigating different options lately in an effort to use my time […]

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10 Frugal Stocking Stuffers for Children

Written by monthly contributor, Emily Pastor. I love Christmas Stockings! The mystery and excitement of stocking gifts gets the best of my inner-child every year. Put something in my stocking and you will see a composed, grown woman transform into a runny-nosed girl in footie pajamas right before your eyes. Now that I’m the one […]

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Developing a Simple Schedule & Routine

Photo Credit Routine…it is a beautiful word. Children thrive on it. Mommy’s fill satisfied and organized when they have it. And Daddy’s get all the benefits of a peaceful home upon their arrival when it’s in place. At least that’s what we strive for. Perfectionism is not the goal…but rather a good structure through which […]

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A Peek at Our Real Food Budget

Photo by fivedotdesign What does our food budget look like while trying to eat a real food diet on a budget? Today, I welcome you to take a peak into our food budget. We keep to the basics in our eating habits, nothing fancy. I have come to realize that although real foods can cost […]

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