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Baby Steps to Nutritious Eating: 12 Steps to a Real Foods Diet

Pam asked: I have started to look at some of the stuff you have on your blog in order to change the way that my family eats, I am just so overwhelmed, can you offer any advice about where I should start.  I am not happy with how my family is eating.  And as the […]

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Recipe Index

Here is a list of my collection of recipes. I try to use all whole wheat flour or other whole grains and healthy sweeteners in my cooking as much as possible, to provide nutritious but yummy food in our home. Most of my bread/pastry recipes include soaking the grains to break down the phytates. Read […]

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Resources for Beginning a Healthy Lifestyle

Getting started on a more nutritious lifestyle can be a little overwhelming! Trust me…I have been there. Here are a few resources that I recommend to send you successfully on your way. Remember…take one step at a time. Read and learn a little here and a little there. Read here for the little steps I […]

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