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For the Love of Books: March Reviews

A Quest for More: Living for something bigger than you by Paul David Tripp is one book I will be referring to again and again! This book thoroughly delves into the topic of the kingdom of self vs. the kingdom of God, and searches the heart and motives that cause us to so easily lean towards the pit of the kingdom of self. How do we avoid living the day to day life in a meaningless fashion? How do we reverse this trend and evaluate all our doings by the greater eternal perspective?

Not only has it inspired me to truly evaluate what I am really living for, but it has helped inspire me to weekly begin to probe my soul with questions so I might evaluate where I am at and how I can continue to grow on a weekly basis. and journal all that the Lord is teaching me. It has been a refreshing and challenging practice!

“We have been chosen and called to be followers. That means we no longer live with a master mentality. We have been bought with a price, and our lives no longer belong to us…Do you try to squeeze the call of Christ into the contours of your self-designed master plan?…Try to save your life and you will lose it, but lose your life for Christ’s sake and you will find it.” ~Paul David Tripp

It’s all about laying our life and desires down at the Master’s feet and submitting to His plan. This book will guide you to the living for the “above and more” that we were all created for.

On a more household oriented recommendation…

Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan is a very helpful resource in learning how to mix up your own natural cleaners and solutions for maintaining your home from ingredients you have around the house. She gives good solid reasons for avoiding the toxins that are in most cleaning supplies, and provides simple solutions. I found it to be a fun read and another good resource to keep on hand!

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The True Woman: Chapter 2

Welcome to chapter 2 of our book study on The True Woman by Susan Hunt. My M-I-L Julie has graciously taken the time to lead us in Chapter 2 so here is her recap for us! Thanks Mom!

After reading and reviewing chapter 1 of “The True Woman” by Susan Hunt we are beginning to see the contrast between the True Woman and the New Woman. In chapter 2 she begins to unfold the standard by which these two women live out their lives.

The True woman’s purpose is God’s glory. Her standard to determine how to fulfill her purpose is God’s Word.

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Sprouting Seeds


My sunflower sprouts – aren’t they cute?

Sprouts are a wonderfully nutritious and frugal way to incorporate good nutrition into your diet! They are a great alternative to expensive nuts or to replace lettuce when the greens are not in season. Sprouts can be added to so many dishes with great success, including salads, soups, sandwiches, omelets, and breads. Seeds actually increase in nutritional content when sprouted! Sprouting is a simple, indoor method of gardening…for anyone!

Lately, I have been exploring sprouting sunflower seeds (read more about the wonders of these seeds here), and it has been so much fun! These are packed with all the nutrients we need for survival, and receive vitamin C when sprouted. They are so cheap and easy to sprout! My frugal tip of the day: learn how to sprout seeds!
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Titus2Talk: Interview with Dorene – Part 1

dorene.JPGDorene is a lovely woman of grace, devoted to the Lord and her family. She is the wife of John and mother to triplets. She has inspired me countless times through her devotion to prayer and the word! I am excited to share an interview with her on a few different topics that I admire in her life. These include: prayer, ministry as a family, and her home business. Join us!

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Resources for Singles

roses.JPG “Singleness has been a noble and courageous path…ever since Jesus and the Apostle Paul chose it ‘because of the kingdom of heaven’…The courage comes when you sense God calling you to singleness (for this chapter of your life) and you accept the call with zeal and creative planning for His glory.” - John Piper

I love the way Paul addresses singles in 1 Cor. 7:34-35:

“An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord’s affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world – how she can please her husband. I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you, but that you may live in a right way in undivided devotion to the Lord.”

I wanted to recommend a few resources for your attention.

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10 Ways to Love Your Hubby without Saying A Word

  1. Clean Laundry – clean socks, clean t-shirts, and clean under garments folded & put away. I have found that my husband is blessed when I iron his shirts for him as well!
  2. Warm Bread, Favorite Meal, and a Cold Beverage (or just a nice dessert) waiting on the table when he comes home. (Maybe not necessary every night. I aim for a special meal or dessert once a week.) Serve him a candlelight dinner every once in a while!
  3. Not nagging during those times when he needs to rest and relax (whether it be sports, video games, computer, or newspaper time) to be doing something else. My hubby enjoys resting in front of a movie once a week, and although I sometimes would prefer talking, I need to give him room to relax! Or just giving him room to watch a manly movie! That is a blessing to him, instead of demanding the more romance ones!
  4. Not nagging period.
  5. Not nagging about your period. ;) (that would be me!)
  6. Smiling when your eyes meet his.
  7. Washing his truck, car, motorcycle…whatever his big boy toy might be. (Bonus points for cleaning the interior too Ladies!)
  8. Stopping whatever “busy” work you might be doing to just sit and join him in whatever activity he is doing. (My hubby loves building puzzles – I need to learn to enjoy this hobby with him, even though it isn’t my favorite!)
  9. Hold his hand whenever you can. Be it the mall, the grocery, the neighborhood, or at church. Just whenever you can.
  10. Get to bed before him, take a nice warm bath, put on some perfumed lotion, something frilly or whatever you know he likes and wait.
Thanks to ElizabethSue for the original list!
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Where do you put your hope?


“Each morning that greets me is full of hope,
not because I am successful at what I am doing,
or because the people near me appreciate me,
or because circumstances are easy,
but because God is and He is my Father.
To look at the morning in any other way
is to believe a lie.

To live in hope is to live in truth;
To live in truth is to bring Him glory;
to bring Him glory in my daily living
is the highest form of worship.”

                                       ~Paul David Tripp

Where do you tend to look for your daily hope? Do you tend to put your hope in circumstances, people, your appearance, your possessions, or in the One True Hope that will never fail you?

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Our Family: March Update


 I wanted to fill you all in on what God has been doing in our lives lately, as many things have been changing since I last updated you. (Read here for the last update) Thank you to those who have been praying for us!

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Energy Efficiency in the Kitchen


Studies are showing more and more that, when used to maximize energy-saving features, modern dishwashers can outperform all but the most frugal hand washers. Studies show that most people pre-rinse dishes before loading them into the dishwasher, even though dishwashers purchased within the last 5-10 years do a superb job of cleaning even heavily soiled dishes. If you find you must rinse dishes first, get in the habit of using cold water.

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The True Woman: Chapter 1

true-woman.JPGWelcome to chapter 1 of The True Woman by Susan Hunt, the first week of our online book study. Each week we will include a brief recap of the chapter, followed by one or two discussion questions. We would love to hear how God is impacting you through this study! Even if you are not joining us in reading the book, you are more than welcome to join in on the discussion!

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