Organization Helps: Baskets

Wow! I love storing things in baskets. They are so incredibly useful tools! I personally do not like using plastic containers, because you can see right into the box and nothing is hidden from view (aren’t we trying to hide it?). Also, I am trying to keep away from purchasing plastic items as much as possible (in concern and care for the environment). In my process of reorganizing and de-cluttering this week, I have found some wonderful baskets for sale at my local Ross. The prices were so reasonable, and the baskets so cute, I couldn’t turn them down! I paid no more than $5 on a large basket ($3-4 dollars for most of them). Goodwill is also another place to get great deals on these storage pieces. They will last longer and be more attractive to look at as well. I have included a few pictures below of my baskets and the uses that I have incorporated them for. So if you’re thinking about organizing…think about investing in some nice baskets!

Do you remember when I was organizing my kitchen junk drawer? Well I found an excellent wooden divider that I am now using in this drawer. It works wonderfully!


This small basket I am using in the closet for our simple games. We only own a few card games, and such, so this basket holds them all nicely.


This basket is storing my linens and extra towels in the laundry room.


This basket is storing our movies and CD’s of sort. The first picture shows it on the shelf in our closet and the second is all that it contains.



Lastly, here is the baskets that contain miscellanous gifts to give away for upcoming events, and shoes that Karis has yet to grow into.


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2 Responses to Organization Helps: Baskets

  1. Tia January 25, 2008 at 4:16 pm #

    An alternative to baskets, for those who don’t like baskets, it reminds me of the country look. THey make canvas totes in all different colors. I have a bench with cubby holes, and they have canvas totes in them. Very modern!

    I’m not a huge environmentalist, so I have a lot of stuff that uses plastic. (hangers, bottles, spices, rx bottles, bc pill packs etc) Kitchen trash bags. I recycle what I can tho.

  2. Laura January 6, 2008 at 6:19 pm #

    Oh they all look sooooo pretty! Nicely done :)